Mary Chapman


Mary Chapman lives on a farm, in a community in Kapoho, east side of the big island of Hawaii. Caring for the planet and caring for our bodies and eachother are the passions that drive her. Mary started out as a gymnast, dabbled with dance and diving then found acrobatic gymnastics and competed in a women's trio at the elite level. College in San Francisco led her to study kinesiology, furthering her understanding of the inner workings the human form. On the side, she trained hand balancing, contortion and partner acrobatics at the San Francisco circus center. Upon moving to Hawaii in 2007, seeking warmer waters, Mary worked as a personal trainer and began to discover the wonderful healing that yoga brings. When a traveling friend introduced her to acro yoga, it was as if all the pieces joined together and Mary had found her practice. A way to incorporate the gentleness and mindfulness of yoga, fused with the interaction, strength and excitement of acrobatics. Ten years later, still training and teaching, to kids and adults at various locations around the world, she keeps returning to the big island to help the acro community grow.  Mary's long rooted movement style continues to develop and evolve. Every year she visits master teachers of various arts and aims to not limit her style to this specific practice but rather continue expanding. Her strength as a teacher is in fine tuning students to be impeccable and intentional with their movement and communication, deepening the students ability to fully, confidently embody themselves.