Hawaii's First Acro Yoga Festival

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Hawaii's very first Acro Yoga Festival,

presented by The Modern Hotel Honolulu. 

A full day of Learning, fun, play, community, friends, and love held at Honolulu's premier hotel, The modern Honolulu.

Train with Max and Liz, as well as the best teachers from across the hawaiian islands in a fun and diverse offering of classes ranging from brand new beginners to more advanced standing acrobatics

2017 was such an incredible event and 2018 is going to be even bigger and better with the event spanning 2 days and a super diverse range of classes being offered by local teacher as well as top teachers traveling to us to share their knowledge and skills  

2017 Teaching lineup


8-930am> Check-in

930-10am Welcome/Warm-up w/ Kilty Inofoku

10-1130am- Session 1

1130-1245pm- Break/Lunch

1245-1pm- Warm-Up

1-230pm- Session 2

230-3pm- Break

3-430pm- Session 3

5pm GLOW FLOW!!!!

Session 1 10am-11:30am


Class 2

Class 3

  • Acro Fit                                       (All Levels)                                   w/ Doug and Chris

Session 2 1pm-2:30pm

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Session 3 3pm-4:30pm

Class 1

  • Aloha Y'all                                  (All Levels)                                  w/ Max and Liz

Class 2

The Modern Honolulu